Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme - A ten week programme offered to victims of domestic abuse and violence. It has been credited nationwide, by professional bodies working with families affected by these issues, enabling victims to facilitate positive changes in their lives. The aim is to offer people the space and guidance to recognise 'characters' presented by perpetrators to control their victims. The intention is for victims of abuse to work together to identify the tactics used by each of these characters; to explore what the perpetrator believes which allows the perpetrator to behave this way, and discuss how society reinforces these beliefs. It has been found that by naming the specific 'characters,' victims can begin to see that they are, firstly, not alone in their experiences and secondly, that perpetrators are choosing deliberately to behave this way in order to exert power and control over their victims. By recognising that their behaviour is deliberate, it demonstrates that the perpetrators are responsible for their actions. It is NOT about anger and it is NOT the victims fault.     The aim of The Freedom Programme is to empower victims to recognise how they have been treated and to have the confidence to make change.

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